Explainer Videos

The effects of explainer videos have brought brand competition to the center stage. These explainer videos are simply small animated videos made to focus on clarifying business ideas in simple, precise and engaging manner. They do this by making use of clear and concise language that can project interesting and attractive visuals to capture the attention of viewers. What explainer videos do is found in their informative and educational form. They explain and promote what the company is offering, how it intends to offer solutions to problems of customers. They also explain why the company’s product and services remains the best options in the market. What makes explainer videos more important and unique compared to other kinds of videos is its target and purpose.

Effects of Explainer Videos
Effects of Explainer Videos

Characteristics of explainer videos

  1. Short: these videos are to be short and straightforward and should not exceed a 90 minutes duration if need be.
  2. Simple: explainer videos must send a clear and simple message with the usual what, how and why narratives
  3. Must be focused on your potential targets and their problems
  4. High quality: explainer videos should come with quality to separate you from competition
  5. Animated characters: are used for fun touch and to connect with the target audience
  6. Branding colours: represents the brand identity that seeks to spawn its recognition.
  7. Music: explainer videos should have great music as well as sound effects to help project the mood to tell a specific story.
  8. Professional voice- over

It is pertinent that you create high quality and exceptional contents that seek to promote the benefits through animated videos. So ensure to “liven up your pitch”. Remain aware that the presentation of your brand will certainly be dependent on the engagement of the target audience. However, the more effective your explainer video appears, the more it will garner lots of attention from viewers.

Effects of Explainer Videos
Efffects of Explainer Videos


Below are some of the best most effective explainer videos ever to come to the internet space.

  • Tripcase — Emphasizes the Pain Point.
  • Mint — Keep it Simple.
  • Notarize — Be Funny.
  • Crazy Egg — Show Your Product or Service in Action.
  • Amazon — Prove Why This Needs Explaining.
  • Panorama9 — Be Visually Interesting.
  • HubSpot — Resonate with Your Audience.
  • Grab audience attention

An explainer video is like an elevator speech, probably for this era of visuals. It is just a brilliant tool. For those businesses and brands that make videos with animated characters, the sky is not their limit. It is interesting to note that these animated videos are guaranteed an increased conversion rate of 20% according to Unbounce. We are beginning to understand how effective explainer videos are. We are also aware as to how they can help you promote your company and remain ahead of the competition. In fact, the average online customer takes less than 60 seconds to make an important purchasing decision. So, quality and well- made explainer videos will get their attention as fast as they watch it.

THE Benefits

These videos also have some immense benefits to offer to both individuals and businesses alike. For instance, it will help to:

  • Explain your business idea swiftly
  • Boost your online conversion rates
  • Build brand awareness
  • Rank best in Google search
Effects of Explainer Videos
Effects of Explainer Videos

The requirement for explainer videos is on the rise. Brands are looking to continue their online engagements with potential targets in a competitive global marketplace. They are willing to deploy every tool necessary, ride on every platform available just to ensure that they remain ahead of the pack. For instance, a part of the algorithm provided by Google’s search rank is said to put into consideration the amount of time online visitors stay on your website. This is one important reason why online videos are experiencing massive views.

Explainer videos have continued to boom because of their guaranteed effectiveness in the area of growing brands and businesses. Explainer videos will remain an exceptional marketing tool for the next decade or two. It helps in many more ways to effectively increase conversion rates, clarify your products as well as boost your sales.

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