Search engine marketing is the process of attaining maximum traffic and visibility results from search engines. This is either achieved through paid or unpaid methods. Interestingly, beyond SEO which just spans across the practice of earning large amounts of traffic through what is called free listings or unpaid methods. It is a paid for process and allows buying traffic which is done through the paid search listings. Search engine marketing is by no means one of the most effective ways to nurture your brand in an ever intense competitive marketplace.

With a growing number of businesses bound to spring up in the global marketplace in 2019, they will be competing for some market share. So it remains imperative to plan and strategize on how to advertise online. SEM campaign remains the most effective way to promote your products and services as well as grow your business in 2019 and beyond. Below are some of the different ways on how to make use of search engine marketing to your advantage in 2019:

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

How to Utilize SEM

1. You should consider hiring a marketing professional or an SEO firm.

2. Employ keyword research as part of a strategy and use landing pages

3. Enable and structure your website to have a clear hierarchy.

4. You should clearly desist from hiding keywords within rich media.

5. Make sure to use URLs that makeup desired keywords.

Methods and Metrics of SEM

For those with digital marketing and social media backgrounds, they have every necessary SEO or SEM tool required to effectively plan a social media marketing campaign. It’s even a dicey situation in trying to ascertain the key difference between SEO and SEM. SEM is more expansive and thoroughly describes all the strategies needed for your website to rank very well in search engine rankings. Search engine marketing makes use of five methods and metrics to enable optimization of websites. The first of these methods is the keyword research and analysis which involves 3 steps that ensure the website has the ability to be indexed in the search engines. The second is the Google Mobile-Friendly Website Checker that comes with a test analysis on a URL with mobile-friendly design. So pay attention to mobile speed in 2019. Search engine marketing is an effective tool that places you in the “Ad” slots.

However, utilizing search engine marketing can significantly increase the ability to build your brand as well as client base. It has the capacity to project your brand in front of target prospects actively searching for a variety of products and services just like your brand.  So if you desire a great result like appearing on first page on Google search, you need to make use of such platforms. This will keep competition away from taking a chunk off your sales in 2019. For example, the SEM platforms with the most visibility and effective results are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Ads as well as Bing Ads.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

SEM Tools for an Effective Campaign

When you plan to run search engine marketing campaigns in 2019, employ keywords that can determine which campaign ads will appear on which searches. In a search engine marketing process, you need a well-structured account to fully understand the elements needed to run it successfully. So if you seem to be having some setbacks with your search engine marketing plan or campaign strategy, I’ll recommend a few effective tools you must employ:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Ads Preview Tool
  • SpyFu
  • TitleCap

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