Quest to Pai

Imagine yourself on a quest to Pai, the heart of Thailand. A small beautiful city located in the heart of that country, and comes with all the great scenery and ambiance there is to offer. As a tourist, you’re lying in a hammock and enjoying some sweet cheap cocktails all the while. There is a view over the jungle surrounded by beautiful hills and a giant white Buddha statue decorating those hills. Life does not get much better than Pai. But be cautioned! I’ve heard people call it the “Venus Pai Trap” with some good reasons too.

Quets to Pai
Quest to Pai, heart of Thailand

There are many people intending to travel to this city as tourists for just a couple of days but ended up staying for weeks, month or even years. I became a victim of this trap as well. I had planned to stay for 4 nights but eventually stayed for more than 4 weeks.

Top Things to look out for in the Heart of Thailand

Quest to Pai
Heart of Thailand

The Pai Locals

A city previously well known as a place where hippies came to relax, but this small amazing city has grown to be much more than that. Great resorts, restaurants, cafes and hostels have been popping up in and around Pai, making enough room for the high season in which Pai gets overrun by tourists from across the world.

Pai and its inhabitants appear quite unassuming, but very accommodating. Even though you will get to see more tourists than locals, Pai has not lost the relaxed vibe it is known for. When you arrive at the town of Pai, you will be amazed by the amount of cheap night-food, cafe and bars advertising their “all night happy hour.

Tourist Attractions in the Heart of Thailand

Pai boasts of Mountains, waterfalls, calming hot springs and beautiful hike trails. The tourist sites are located half an hour drive from Pai. If you enjoyed reading this short piece, you can view the full article HERE