Is Self Employment Good For Your Health?

This is a question bothering on the physical and mental health consequences of self-employment. It has both beneficial and implicating end results. Arriving from the medical perspective, the health improvement that arises from self- employment cannot be wholly explained. This is by either changes in income or in working conditions, and neither is driven by their personality. Be that as it may, the resultant effects of self- employment can have positive and negative implications. There seems to be quite a few benefits in being your own boss and its financial benefits are usually not tops on the scale.

Is self employment good for your health?

However, if you’re the hardworking type of budding entrepreneur, these benefits don’t seem to come on gold platter. They also won’t even come without much expected hard work. So then, if you’re the self –employed type, I’m certain you’re no stranger to that.


Benefits of being Self Employed

  1. Understanding the real value of money

Once you arrive at the decision to become self- employed, you are confronted with a barrage of difficulties at first. These are the setbacks, the intricacies, expectations, breaking points, and then an understanding of the real value of money sets in. Becoming a self -employed entrepreneur equips you with money management skills, core decision making abilities and executive powers. Now that you understand the real value of money, spending decisions will be easy to arrive at. This eventually enables you get value in return from products or services.

  1. Knowing you have skills others will buy

The set skills you have acquired overtime will prove your decision to become self- employed as either solid or mediocre one. You may feel at some point that such decisions are counter intuitive or otherwise. Don’t fret it. However,  it is important to note that there is a reasonable level of financial security in self- employment. An entrepreneur may be unaware of where the next paycheck is coming from or how big, that’s one downside. But then, you’re well aware that you are equipped with the skills in form of products and services others will spend money to get.

Is self employment good for your health?
  1. You enjoy variety.

The need to have varying options become open to you as a self- employed entrepreneur, as against being an employee. At this point, you now know the things you needed to know to help you perform your job more effectively and efficiently. You are at liberty to explore other money making avenues that can bring your skills to bare. Other business sectors are open to you and you can engage clients from every sector as long as you can deliver efficiently.


As a self- employed entrepreneur, you’re expected to adapt, learn and update your skills to match current demands and expectations. You will have to remind yourself that with every new client you have, comes a new challenge. However, your capacity to cater for their needs will mean bringing profits into your business. As a self-employed entrepreneur, you’re forced to make rational and irrational decisions, to think and be creative.  The world expects you to succeed, the tell- tale about failures and mistakes are not to be heard while you’re at it. The world is only interested in your success, not how it was achieved.


The consequences of every decision you make in the course of your business will go a long way to impacting positively or otherwise. This will eventually bother on the survival and sustenance of your business. So be well guided. However, this could also be a great feeling for many to know that their set skills are being put to good and effective use. They are very certain that those skills will continue to grow and improve as their business grows. They also need to know that the consequences of their decisions can be dire and impact on their business. If they turn out the mediocre type, it means those skills will eventually diminish and bring loses.