What to Expect

This is where you will find all of my journal contents, a collection of my writing contributions to the online community. They will be updated frequently, and sometimes even on a daily basis. Some will be short inputs, maybe just a few sentences on a particular topic or issue. This is why I am a blogger. I write for the pleasure of my readers and they are free to respond to any online entry as often as they deem necessary. I work on my blog contents by researching opportunities that come my way such as from clients requiring article or content creation services. Also, advertisers and promotional inquiries that can bring in necessary funds to help manage my site. Now, how have I decided to make my website stand out? I’ve chosen to do so in many ways.


First is to

  • Add value
  • I have chosen to be original with my contents
  • Be that interesting writer that you expect from people in your position
  • I have decided to be myself
  • Honesty remains the best policy,  therefore I will dedicate the best of my honesty to this website
  • Transparency will be the core of this website

Blogs have been a very effective ways of communicating with peer bloggers and to build long lasting relationships both in the online and offline communities. So I have realized that when writing for a blog, it is imperative to have certain standards you must not go below because interests fade and when that happens, you are bound to lose readers. So when you eventually decide to write contents for your blog, make sure to:

  • Find your focus
  • You must be relatable, be yourself always
  • Ensure to use links within your posts
  • Make sure to include images
  • Always respond to blog comments
  • Make the social media channels your target
  • Be sure to set unrealistic goals
  • Limit your word count when necessary

Now you’d wonder whether bloggers make money plying their trade. Yes, they do, but at least not immediately. The idea is to make sure you monetize your site with either cost per click or CPM ads. Let’s get the basics first. A common way to make money as a blogger is by placing ads on your site in form of banners placed either in your content or at your sidebar. You can also sell private ads on your site to make money, be open to selling digital products or include affiliate links in your blog contents. Blogging has limitless money- making opportunities for those who have blog-sites and can afford to do the needful and satisfy potential customers.