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All About This Site

What you will read here is all about this site. The things that motivate me to action.This has been a journey only I can understand, but willing to share with you. I have been writing for almost a decade and counting. This has been my passion and not what I do as my past time. My articles have endeared more than over a hundred clients to patronize my services across 20 major writing categories. I have never bothered about competition because I see myself as my only competition, seeking and striving to be better than who I was yesterday. My journey through this path of so many difficult levels has brought me to a place of career satisfaction. That is my competitive edge, stretching myself way beyond boundaries because success is all I see ahead.

How I Work

I make use of more than 20 writing services across the web, as they aid and help me improve on my writing services. I have produced quality articles and contents using Copyscape premium,,,, Evernote, software, ubersuggests free keyword tool, Free Keyword Density Analyser tool, etc. These excellent utility tools have helped make my writing services unique and better than the competition. That is the reason my passion is all about this site.

My Portfolio

I have over 500 articles to my credit (those credited to me and ghostwritten) I am also a member of over 15 credible online writing websites such as,,,, writers.academia-research,, etc. just to mention a few. My philosophy is to ‘keep it short, simple and precise. Keep to the deadline and communicate with the client regardless of the situation.’

Who I Am

My name is Patrick Bliss Fejoku and I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication (Public Relations & Advertising). I also hold a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Business Communication, Diploma in Web Development & Management. I am a Human Resource professional and a Freelancer Writer. A Husband, father of two wonderful kids, a great cook, and an amazing poet.
Not to worry. You’re not an exception. People want to know who they’re doing business with. That’s fair. It’s a human thing.