Angel Number 1155

This sequence of numbers have over the years put the study of numerology and its significance in the spot light. It has helped shed the much needed light on both spiritual and physical aspects of life.  The Angel Number 1155 comes as a combination of the elements of number 1. This follows with the systemic vibrations of a doubled number 5 that seeks to influence other number variables. Number 1 is said to ring the vibrations of all new beginnings, coupled with inner-strength, tenacity, positivity, attainment, success, etc. One important fact to note is that Number 1 informs us of the need to create our truths alongside our thoughts and beliefs. This also include actions, while encouraging us to take a bold step into the NEW with all the courage therein.

(As) Purpose of Conduct:

Angel number 1155 is for the purpose of conduct. It is to help us diagnose and contribute immensely to the newness that that has come into life. The angel number meaning explains a force that enables our own ways as well as understanding and deciphering our very own true calling. This helps us remain true always to ourselves and our faith. However, we have to understand that there is a very important reason why we keep sighting the angel number 1155. It is neither a mistake nor is it coincidental, but the crux of the matter is that our guardian angels are perceived to be behind these angels numbers in our lives.

Doreen Virtue:

When we hear or read about the 1155 angel number Doreen virtue, there are many facts that tend to positively impact our understanding of the metaphysical. Do you know that the angels here tend to do their possible best to get our undivided attention in other to effectively communicate with us? The reason why they take this course of action is to help us effectively heal our own life. This is what the 1155 angel number meaning is deep- rooted in. The truth is that we most often than not disregard the many signs they try to show us. This eventually results in limiting their effectiveness, thus seeing them either as mere coincidences or figments of our imagination.

Doreen Virtue Part 2

We must understand that very important part of our angel number 1155 comes with a resilient message. This message informs us of the ability to always follow our God given intuition in fulfillment of new opportunities. These numbers reverberates with crucial challenges of life, spontaneity, and decision making. It hinges on the choices of life and personal freedom garnered through life experiences. In actual fact, angel number 1155 enables us to promote the liberty needed to live out our passion while serving our soul mission which is fulfillment and salvation.

1155 Angel Number Twin Flame:

The 1155 angel number twin flame suggests that we may be having difficulties with our twin flame. This could be be as a result of conflicts or misunderstandings. It tells us that such rough times will surely pass. It maintains that we are to embark on a journey that will take us to more stable horizons. This is where all of the conflicts plaguing us are going to be resolved.  This enables us break negative ranks and overcome the distance between us and our flames. It ensures that differences will be resolved and life will return to more significant growth levels. It comes to us with the knowledge that we should always align with our convictions and to stay glued to our decisions or choices. We must not allow the actions or opinion of others around us to deter or hinder our lives in any way.


In conclusion, the 1155 angel number analysis fully recommends that the timing is right and of good tiding to take on new ventures. This is bound to lead us towards new directions and on new projects so as to fulfill our many aspirations. The bottom line is that we are the only ones who know our true heart desires and soul calling. We are bound to fear the unknown, but our guardian angels ask of us to believe and trust in these changes. These will be changes that are sure to guarantee our long term benefits. As long as we are well protected by the guardian angels, we are bound to only focus on the positive things in life and be optimistic.